jubilee prayer card14THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to everyone that was a part of the 10th annual Land of Canaan Jubilee!  The Lord certainly met with us in a wonderful way and for that I’m so very grateful.  Every message and song was right on target!  From the very first message preached by Evangelist Roger Henson, to the final service with Dr. Joe Arthur and the Harvest Baptist Tabernacle Choir of Jonesboro, Georgia it was a week that many of us will never forget.

We had many folks drive in for the Thursday and Friday evening of the meeting from out of state.  That made the last two evenings of the meeting especially memorable.  It was good to see so many of our preacher friends from all over the south.  It was especially good to honor one of my heroes of the faith Preacher Ivan Dameron from North Wilkesboro, NC on Thursday evening of the Jubilee.  Brother Dameron has been preaching for over 60 years and was the first other than my own pastor or the pastors in my family that called me and asked me to preach in his pulpit shortly after God had called me to preach.  It was an honor to have him and his dear wife with us for Thursday and Friday of the meeting.

Everything considered, I can only say, “Wow, what a week!”  Thank you Lord for the Jubilee this year!  I’m already looking forward to the 11th annual Land of Canaan Jubilee next year!

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February 24-March 1 will be one of if not THE most exciting week of our year here at CBC!  It’s JUBILEE TIME in the Land of Canaan! 

We’ve been praying, planning and expecting the Lord to show up and do things so great that only He could get credit for doing them.  I trust that you and your family have already made plans to be with us.  Here’s the great line up of preaching and singing for the 10th annual Land of Canaan Jubilee. 

Sunday Feb. 24

10 am  EVANGELIST ROGER HENSON of Kingsport, Tn.

11 am and 6 pm  EVANGELIST JOHN HAMBLIN of Canton, Mi.

Monday Feb. 25

7:30 pm   DR. KENNY KUYKENDALL of Lawrenceville, Ga.

The Cross Roads Baptist Choir will also be singing.

Tuesday Feb. 26

7:30 pm  DR. TERRELL HOPKINS of Locust Grove, Ga.

The Heritage Baptist Choir will also be singing. 

Wednesday Feb. 27

7:30 pm  EVANGELIST ROGER HENSON of Kingsport, Tn.

Thursday Feb. 28

7:30 pm  DR. KENNY BALDWIN of Bailey’s Crossing, Va.

Friday Feb. 29

9:30 am  Preachers will be called from the floor along with PASTOR VIRGIL BARNARD of Oxford, Ga.

7:30 pm  DR. JOE ARTHUR of Jonesboro, Ga

The Harvest Baptist Tabernacle choir will also be singing.


For more information about the 10th annual Land of Canaan Jubilee log on to or call the church office at 770-786-8885.


Pastor C

Ps. 28:7


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The Lord has blessed me over the last 20 years to meet and to pastor some of the greatest folks that I’ve ever been blessed to know in my life.  Mr. F.C. Thomas was certainly one of those people.  

Brother F.C. and his wife Lib having just moved into the area actually visited CBC the very first Sunday that I preached my first message as the pastor here.  Not long after that they felt led of the Lord to join the church and that they did.  From the very start they were so supportive of me and my family and such an encouragement to us all.  They were involved in the things that they were able to be involved in and they were faithful as clockwork!  Even though they had been senior citizens at that point for several years, they were still faithful, loyal to the cause of Christ and very much a part of what the Lord was doing here in the Land of Canaan.

Just a few years ago, not long after being diagnosed with cancer Ms. Lib went home to be with the Lord.  Brother F.C. lived a few years after that but just a few days ago now he too went home to be with the Lord.  We will certainly miss him around here.  We’ll miss his smile, his outgoing personality and I know that I’ll miss him telling me, “Preacher, I pray for you every day.”  I know this may sound selfish but the first thing that I thought when I heard that Brother F.C. had passed away was, “Who’ll pray for me every day now?” 

I look forward to seeing my friend, F.C. again.  In the meantime, I’m going to keep on preaching, “So Much the More” in light of Christ’s imminent return.  I know that F.C. and even more importantly the Lord would want that!

Pastor C

Ps. 28:7

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Happy New Year! I trust that you and your family have had a wonderful 2012 and have already welcomed 2013 with open arms! I know around here in the Land of Canaan we’ve been very busy planning and preparing to do more for the cause of Christ in the New Year. We’re excited about the year ahead that God has blessed us with.

While praying about our theme for 2013, the Lord would not let me get away from Hebrews 10:25 where the Bible says, “Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.”

In order to really grasp the truth within Hebrews 10:25, one really has to back up and consider the truth within Hebrews 10:24. There, God admonishes us to consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works. What will that involve? Well the answer lies within Hebrews 10:25.

First of all it will involve ENDURANCE. “Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is…” The Lord has already told us here in the text that there will be those who will forsake the assembling of themselves together with believers of like faith, however if we’re going to provoke unto love and to good works it’s going to take some endurance of our part!

Secondly, it will involve EXHORTATION. “Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; BUT EXHORTING ONE ANOTHER:…” That word “exhort” just simply means to encourage, it means to strengthen, it means to help along lifes way.

And then finally, if we’re going to provoke unto love and to good works it will involve EXPANSION. Hebrews 10:25 says again, “Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.” The Lord is simply saying here, “All these things that you’ve been doing, the enduring the exhorting, you ought to be expanding upon those things in light of Christ’s soon return. You should be doing those things SO MUCH THE MORE!!

Christian friend, now is not the time to back up, shut up or quit! Now’s the time to serve the Lord and live for the Lord SO MUCH THE MORE as the day of Christ’s coming inches ever closer!

Let’s stay in the fight friend, till Jesus comes!

Pastor C
Ps. 28:7

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My family and I love Christmas!  We love the fellowships, the food and all of the festivities that come along with the season.  However we also go the extra mile to not lose focus at this time of year as well.  As Christians, we celebrate the fact that Jesus was born to die, so that whosoever will that comes to Him by faith can have life and have it more abundantly!  Jesus truly is the reason for the season.  You know since Jesus laid down His life for us, how much more should you and I be willing to lay our lives down in service for Him child of God?  With that truth in mind can I ask you a very important question this Christmas season?  Do you know the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour?  If you do, are you busy serving Him and living for Him.  It’s important for us to remember Christian, that we may very well be the only Bible that some people will ever read.  Therefore, we must live accordingly.  My prayer is that God would help us to do just that in these last of the last days.  From our family to yours…Merry Christmas!

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THE MOST IMPORTANT MEETING OF CBC’S ENTIRE CHURCH YEAR is coming up the week of November 14-18!  We call it a “Missions Revival” because we’re trusting that the Lord is going to burden our hearts afresh and anew through the week about doing more to reach a lost and a dying world with the gospel!  We’re planning, working and certainly praying for our upcoming missions revival and we’re believing the Lord for things that only He could get credit for doing.  Will you help us pray to that end? 

We’re very excited about having Missionary Pastor Todd Bell with us.  He’ll be preaching each service of our missions revival and we’re all looking forward to the great preaching.  For the last several years God has used Brother Bell and his family in a mighty way to make a great impact for Christ in the Northeastern USA.  He currently pastors the Calvary Baptist Church of Sanford, Maine and is also involved in planting churches in the surrounding area as well.  Not only is Brother Bell a tremendous Bible preacher, but his enthusiasm is very evident in all that he does for the cause of Christ.  I assure you that your heart will be challenged and your life will be blessed as you hear Brother Bell preach the Bible.  Please help us pray that God would touch and use this dear Man of God in a mighty way while he is here. 

CBC will also be blessed to host several missionary families during the week as well.  We look forward to hearing from each missionary during the meeting and getting to know them as the week goes on as well.  It is certainly our desire to be a blessing to these choice servants of the Lord while they are here.   

It’s going to be a wonderful week November 14-18.  I trust that you and your family have already made plans to be with us.  We’ll be looking for you during the “Harvest for Souls” World Missions Revival in just a few days now here in the Land of Canaan. 

Serving Him with gladness,

Pastor Caudill

Ps. 28:7

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Remembering Mrs. Lisa Allen

September 22, 2012 1 comment

Early this past Thursday morning Mrs. Lisa Allen, one of the most faithful members of CBC very suddenly left this world and went home to be with the Lord. Certainly our prayers go out to her family, Brother Bobby her husband of 19 years, and her two precious daughters, Hannah and Sarah.  Since me and my family came to CBC 10 years ago, Ms. Lisa and her family have never been anything but a blessing to our church and this preacher.  Ms. Lisa served in our bus ministry, taught children’s church, prepared bus breakfast, volunteered as a counselor at youth camp, and was simply there every time the doors were opened.  Needless to say, Mrs. Lisa Allen will certainly be missed.  She was the kind of church member that every pastor longs to have.  She was faithful, loyal, hard working and busy in the service of the Lord.  My prayer is that the Lord will send us more “Ms. Lisas” in the days to come. 

Brother Bobby, please know that CBC and your preacher loves and appreciates you and your girls.  Our prayers are with you during this time.

Pastor Scott Caudill

Ps. 28:7

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