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Anniversary Sunday – Super Sword Sunday

What a great summer we’ve had here at CBC!  The Lord has certainly met with us during our services in a very special way.  We’ve truly been blessed with an “Awesome August”.  Wow, I’ve never heard such great preaching!  The revival meeting with Dr. John Hamblin was surely just that, a “Revival Meeting”.  Then, in the month of September we enjoyed taking 23 married couples to beautiful Chattanooga, Tennessee for our annual married couples retreat.  We had a wonderful time together and Cassie and I enjoyed spending time with every couple.  We certainly have had a wonderful month of September as well.

Now, we look ahead to two very special days in the month of October.  First of all Anniversary Sunday will get underway October 6 as my family and I will celebrate 11 years of ministry here at CBC.  Also the day will also mark 7 years that Brother Satterfield has been with us as well.  We’re looking forward to a great Anniversary Sunday this year. 

Then Lord willing October 20 will be SUPER SWORD SUNDAY!  And what a joy it will be to have Dr. Shelton Smith with us, the Editor of Sword of the Lord Publications of Murfreesboro, Tn.  Dr. Smith has been used of the Lord in a tremendous way for many years to reach the world with the gospel and to make a great difference for the cause of Christ.  It will be an honor to have him with us.  Please make plans now to hear this choice servant of God preach both services on Super Sword Sunday.  For more information about these great days or the may other ministries of CBC please call our church office at 770-786-8885 or log on to canaanbaptist.org. 

I look forward to meeting you soon here at the Canaan Baptist Church of Covington, Georgia.


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  1. Kris Doulos
    December 8, 2014 at 10:02 am


    How important are the words of Jesus to you? Are they important enough to make certain you know what he said? Many tell who and where he was and what he did but do you ever hear anyone tell who and where he is, what he is doing and how he is doing it? His words are the source of life (John 6:63) and the final judgment of each person is based upon his words (John12:47-48). The purpose of this writing is to remind leaders of the importance of repeating accurately and acting upon what Jesus said. Because so much depends upon knowing and applying the words of Jesus, the most important words known to man are the words of Jesus found in Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and Revelation. Of these five records, only Matthew and John were companion eye-witnesses to the words and deeds of Jesus. The gospels of Mark and Luke, the writings of Paul, every statement in the Bible, every personal opinion and every teaching in the church should be checked for accuracy with the words of Jesus found in Matthew, John and Revelation..

    There are thousands of manuscripts and segments of manuscripts with differences and contradictions. This is not a debate of the qualities of the Textus Receptus vs. Sinaiticus, Vaticanus and Alexandrinus which date many years after Jesus spoke the words in Hebrew and Aramaic. This writer has the greatest respect for the King James Bible because he owes so much to it but, the King James translators protected traditions and opinions which existed at the time of their translation by using transliterations and manufactured words which did not represent the meaning of important words used by Jesus. This same unwillingness to respect the words of Jesus as the most important and accurate communication from God is seen when a minister teaches these transliterated and incorrectly translated words as truth. Also, certain words of Paul which contradict Jesus are accepted as being equal to the words of Jesus because of a misunderstanding of what Paul referred to as scripture. (2 Timothy 3:16).

    Peter, who thought he knew more about God’s plan than Jesus, began the church system without any instruction given or precedent set by Jesus and, contrary to the last instructions of Jesus. These two errors of Peter and Paul became and are the two most deceptive tools used by Satan to oppose the plan of God to reign in man on earth the way he is reigning in Heaven. Sincerity and conviction do not prevent a person teaching error. Just as the Talmud became equal in authority to the Torah and influenced the rejection of Jesus, the conduct of Peter, the misinformation of Paul and traditional opinions established by religious leaders became and are considered equal in authority to the words of Jesus. What Jesus said corresponds to what God says when he speaks directly to a person. A translator should give the meaning of the words at the time they were used and not be influenced by the evolution of the Greek and Aramaic languages or the ideas and circumstances which exist at the time of his translation. Good deeds and good intentions are not a substitute for truth.

    A transliteration does not tell a reader the meaning of a word and results in erroneous ideas about what is said. Some examples are: Angel-(Greek-aggelos-angelos)-This means messenger and only the context determines if this is a human or a nonphysical messenger. Baptize- (Greek-Baptidzo)- This means to dip or Immerse. Hypocrite-(Greek-hupocrites)-This is an actor or pretender. Mammon-(Greek-mamonas)- This is information a person believes. Because God is not a believed teaching but a living being, Jesus told the Scribes and Pharisees they could not serve both, God and what they believed.

    Some words given incorrect meanings are: Eternity-The Greek word aonios means without beginning or end (eternity) but the Greek word aiovos means breath or life span and refers to living humans. Born Again-(Greek-anothen)-The correct translation is “born from above” and depicts a lower form of life becoming one with a higher form of life by osmosis. Church and hell are manufactured words which hide the real meaning. Church (Greek-ekklesia)-This is two words-ek=out or out of and kaleo=to call. The correct meaning is “called out” or “chosen”. Hell-Two different words used by Jesus are traditionally translated “hell”.1.Gehenna-(Greek-geennas)-This was the place on the South and East of Jerusalem where Moloch threw child sacrifices and was a landfill at the time of Jesus. It depicts a person existing in and feeding on the garbage of the world. 2. Hades-(Greek-aides)-This is two words: A=alpha which negates the meaning of the word and ide/eido which means sight. Hades means without sight, blind or ignorant. The gates of ignorance will not prevail when God speaks directly to a person as he did to Peter, Saul (Paul) and others. The true concept of hell is found in the statements of Jesus about the burning of vines, chaff, false prophets etc. and the Lake of Fire. Jesus spoke with metaphors (parables) so only those willing to do what he said would understand.

    One mistranslated word that affects the entire book of Revelation is the Greek word ginesthai. Because the tense can be aorist (past) or present (an occurrence in the past continuing into the present), verse 1:1 states the events of Revelation are past and present, not future. Suppose someone you love dearly is in a life and death struggle. Do you give them instructions that pertain to their present need or something about the future beyond their lifetime? In Revelation Jesus showed John three world systems that operate with a pyramid system (600-60-6). The pyramid system is used by Satan in religion, government and commerce to control the masses of humanity. A pyramid system has a leader (6), a management level (60), and the people who are followers (600). Satan only has to influence the one in charge to influence everyone. He uses this system in religion to persuade people to forsake their trust in God and look to and honor human leaders and organized groups instead of the living and ever present Word of God. The leader of this pyramid system is depicted as a small wild animal (harmless in appearance) that builds idols (buildings) that represent his message and purpose. In Revelation Jesus gives information about the crucifixion, ascension, the destruction of Jerusalem, the identity of the Chosen and Heaven. Heaven and the Lake of Fire are constantly receiving those who vacate their human body when it dies.

    This translation of the four gospels and Revelation is by Kris Doulos and entitled Words and Deeds of Jesus. The Nestle-Aland Greek New Testament and Thayer’s lexicon were used for this translation. Technical comments clarify word meanings. It is available at a bookstore or online.

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