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Camp Canaan


JUNE 23-28, 2013
The final preparations for Camp Canaan 2013 are well underway! We only have a few days left before our counselors and campers will be gathering in Milner, Georgia for what we believe will be a life changing week for all of us! Applications are continuing to come in, our office staff is hard at work, and most importantly our church is praying that God will move at Camp Canaan this year in a very special way. Please join us in prayer for God to save souls and to challenge these young saints of God to surrender their lives completely and wholly to the Lord! After all, that really is what Camp Canaan is all about.
It’s our joy to welcome Dr. and Mrs. Jeremy Simpson and family as our special guests this year.  Dr. Simpson is the pastor of the Thanks to Calvary Baptist Church of Elkin, NC and a tremendous Bible preacher that has a great desire to see young people’s lives reached with the gospel for God’s honor and glory. He’ll be preaching Monday through Thursday night of our camp this year and his family will be singing each evening. I’m certain that each camper and counselor’s heart will be stirred as God’s Word is preached during the week. The preaching of the Word of God is ALWAYS the highlight of Camp Canaan.
Finally, let me encourage you again to join with me in prayer for the camp. Please help me pray for safety.  Please pray that God would build a hedge of protection around the camp for both physical and spiritual well being.  Please pray for each individual that attends during the week to hear from heaven in a very special way.  And then most importantly, please pray that the Lord would be honored in everything that’s said and done during Camp Canaan 2013.
For more information concerning Camp Canaan 2013 log on the campcanaan.net or call our church office at 7707868885.  I look forward to seeing you and your youth group at Camp Canaan 2013!
Pastor Scott Caudill
Ps. 28:7  
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  1. Pastor Suresh Kumar Uppe
    June 14, 2013 at 6:00 pm

    Dear Pastor Caudill, thank God for what He is doing through you. this is not actually a comment but a re quest, this is Pastor Suresh Kumar from India and I’m a church planter among the Hindus, Pastor we are really burdened for India to reach with the gospel. once upon a time i was too bad in the world but by the grace of God I’m saved now, God spoke to me in the year of 2000 in a gospel meeting then i accepted Jesus as my personal savior, then again God spoke throgh the life of apostle Paul for the ministry, then i dedicated my life for the service of God and went to the bible college completed Master of Divinity and doing church planting ministry, my burden is to take the gospel of christ to the unknown,so they may saved from sin and obtain the heaven like me.
    Pastor, since you have missionaries in different parts of the world, please remember also our ministry in India in your prayers and if it is the God’s will, and if you plan to visit us please let us know. remaining here with the expectation of your reply.

    thank you

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