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The Lord has blessed me over the last 20 years to meet and to pastor some of the greatest folks that I’ve ever been blessed to know in my life.  Mr. F.C. Thomas was certainly one of those people.  

Brother F.C. and his wife Lib having just moved into the area actually visited CBC the very first Sunday that I preached my first message as the pastor here.  Not long after that they felt led of the Lord to join the church and that they did.  From the very start they were so supportive of me and my family and such an encouragement to us all.  They were involved in the things that they were able to be involved in and they were faithful as clockwork!  Even though they had been senior citizens at that point for several years, they were still faithful, loyal to the cause of Christ and very much a part of what the Lord was doing here in the Land of Canaan.

Just a few years ago, not long after being diagnosed with cancer Ms. Lib went home to be with the Lord.  Brother F.C. lived a few years after that but just a few days ago now he too went home to be with the Lord.  We will certainly miss him around here.  We’ll miss his smile, his outgoing personality and I know that I’ll miss him telling me, “Preacher, I pray for you every day.”  I know this may sound selfish but the first thing that I thought when I heard that Brother F.C. had passed away was, “Who’ll pray for me every day now?” 

I look forward to seeing my friend, F.C. again.  In the meantime, I’m going to keep on preaching, “So Much the More” in light of Christ’s imminent return.  I know that F.C. and even more importantly the Lord would want that!

Pastor C

Ps. 28:7

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