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Remembering Mrs. Lisa Allen

Early this past Thursday morning Mrs. Lisa Allen, one of the most faithful members of CBC very suddenly left this world and went home to be with the Lord. Certainly our prayers go out to her family, Brother Bobby her husband of 19 years, and her two precious daughters, Hannah and Sarah.  Since me and my family came to CBC 10 years ago, Ms. Lisa and her family have never been anything but a blessing to our church and this preacher.  Ms. Lisa served in our bus ministry, taught children’s church, prepared bus breakfast, volunteered as a counselor at youth camp, and was simply there every time the doors were opened.  Needless to say, Mrs. Lisa Allen will certainly be missed.  She was the kind of church member that every pastor longs to have.  She was faithful, loyal, hard working and busy in the service of the Lord.  My prayer is that the Lord will send us more “Ms. Lisas” in the days to come. 

Brother Bobby, please know that CBC and your preacher loves and appreciates you and your girls.  Our prayers are with you during this time.

Pastor Scott Caudill

Ps. 28:7

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