Beyond a shadow of a doubt THE most important meeting of our entire year is our WORLD MISSIONS REVIVAL.  It’s also one of the most exciting meetings of our year as well.  Someone said one time and I agree, that the churches missions revival is a yearly business meeting in which the church decides what it will do with the fate of a lost and dying world.  There are according to the latest count 7 BILLION people in the world, the majority of which have never heard the name of Jesus mentioned at all.  The greater majority of the world have never heard a clear presentation of the glorious gospel of Christ!  Seven out of ten people today don’t even have a complete copy of the Word of God.  Truly you will agree with me when I say, the hour is late and the need is great.  My prayer is that God would burden our hearts here at Canaan afresh and anew for a world that needs Christ! 

I hope that you’ll make plans to be with us during our WORLD MISSIONS REVIVAL.  Lord willing Dr. Stinnett Ballew will be preaching for us.  Dr. Ballew is no stranger here at Canaan, and we look forward to welcoming him again.  Dr. Ballew is not only one of my favorite preachers, he’s one of my favorite people.  He is truly a gift sent by God to the church.  I assure you as you hear this man of God preach, your heart will be stirred for the great need of a world that is without Christ. 

We’ll also be hosting several missionary families during the week.  We’ll be hearing missionary testimonies every night, special singing, and the highlight of the night of course will be the preaching of the Word of God.  We’ll looking for a great week and would love for you and your family to join us.  I’ll be looking for you during WORLD MISSIONS REVIVAL here in the land of Canaan. 

Pastor C

Ps. 28:7

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