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We’re In Louisiana to Charter the next Canaan Baptist Church!

Lord willing tomorrow evening we’ll be chartering the Canaan Baptist Church of Covington, Louisiana!  We’re so excited to be here in Cajun country for this history making service!  Cassie and I had the privilege of bringing several folks from our church with us.  Two of our deacons and their wives are here, Brother and Mrs. Robbie Autry and Brother and Mrs. Ken Davis.  Brother John Vadala, his wife Sue and two of their boys, Jonathon and Andrew are with us as well.  Two missionaries out of our church are here with their wives, Brother and Mrs. Roger Blevins and Brother and Mrs. Jerry Smith.  Also, one of the young preachers from our church, Brother Jared Butler is here.  It is certainly our heart’s desire to be a blessing to Pastor Travis Campbell and his family Ms. Wendy, Seth, Ethan and Ashlyn while we’re here. 

Today we’ll enjoy traveling into New Orleans and having some great fellowship together.  Tomorrow morning we look forward to a wonderful message by Pastor Campbell and tomorrow evening, I look forward to preaching in the charter service.  Would you please pray for the services tomorrow at both Canaan North, and Canaan South?  While I’m here, Brother Satterfield will be preaching at Canaan North in Georgia.  I pray that God would touch him and use him in a very special way tomorrow and that at both places God’s name would be magnified. 

I never cease to be amazed at the goodness of God.  I’m so thankful to be a part of chartering another Canaan Baptist Church!  It thrills my soul to think that God would allow me and my family the opportunity to be in the ministry and see His plan of reaching people with the gospel come to pass.  I believe with all of my heart that God is going to use Pastor Campbell, his family and Canaan Baptist Church of Covington, Louisiana to do just that.  Please help us pray to that end. 

You can check CBC deep south out at canaanbaptist.info.  You can also watch the chartering service live by logging on to canaanbaptist.org at 6 pm est.   

Pastor Caudill

Ps. 28:7

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