This coming Lord’s Day is “Father’s Day” and we look forward to having a great day here at Canaan.  We always take a few moments and recognize our fathers in the service and of course this Lord’s Day will be no different.  We look forward to a great day here in the Land of Canaan. 

 The Lord has blessed me in many ways.  Really, He has blessed me in so many ways that I can’t even begin to tell you the half of it.  However let me mention just one way the Lord has blessed my life.  He has blessed my life by allowing me the privilege of being a father.  I don’t often say this publically because I wouldn’t want to embarrass him, after all you know how teenagers are.  However, only the Lord knows how much I love my son Joshua.  He’s almost 17 now (going on 35) and he has been one of the great joys of my life.  I have so many fond memories of the early days of his life.  I still remember the day that he was born.  I still remember taking him home from the hospital.  I remember his first tooth, the first word that he ever spoke.  I remember the first day at kindergarten and leaving him at school for the first time.  I don’t know who cried the most me or his momma.  I remember watching him grow up in Statesville, NC where I pastored at the time and fall in love with baseball.  We literally wore out the grass at home plate and the pitcher’s mound in the back yard of our house playing ball.  Every day Joshua would want to play ball,  and me and his momma were very happy to be a part of his team.  By the time the Lord moved us to the Land of Canaan, those bald spots in our back yard were trophies that I wouldn’t have taken anything for.  My what great memories.  I remember the night that he woke me and his mom up and told us that he needed to be saved.  It was our joy to take a Bible and tell our son how he could come to know the same Lord that we knew.  Oh such wonderful, wonderful memories.   Over the course of the last several years I’ve watched my son grow into a young man.  He’s still playing ball, he’s driving now, he’s still a great guy, and he’s still busy in church and serving the Lord.  Joshua, I want you to know that I’m very proud of the man who you are becoming.  Please always remember to put God first, live for the Lord, and make the most of your time for Him here on this earth.  Whatever you do in life, I pray that you’ll do it in the center of God’s divine will.  In the meantime, know that your dad loves you very, very much, and thanks the Lord for giving you to me and your momma. 

I’m also thinking about another very special young lady that I’ve been blessed to become acquainted with over the last year or so.  Although I’m not her physical father, I’ve already adopted her in my heart as my very own and I love her very, very much.  Her name is Danielle.  She is beyond a shadow of a doubt the prettiest, smartest, kindest, and certainly the bravest 8-year-old that I have ever known.  Danielle loves the Lord, she loves to sing and she really loves to drive the lawn mower around our house!  She also loves ice cream and eggs over easy!!  How could you not love a little girl like that?  Cassie and I both thank the Lord for the privilege of knowing her and we hope and we pray that the Lord will enable us to see her grow up, and accomplish great things for the Lord in the years to come. 

What a joy to be a dad!  My prayer is that God will enable me in the years to come, to be all that HE would have me to be.  Because only by being all that HE would have me to be can I be all that my children need in a daddy. Thank you Lord, for allowing me to be a father!   

Serving Him with gladness,

Pastor C

Ps. 28:7

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