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Land of Canaan Jubilee

I want to encourage you to mark these dates on your calendar, March 21-26. These are the dates for the 7TH ANNUAL LAND OF CANAAN JUBILEE! It’s going to be a great meeting. On Thursday and Friday evenings of the Jubilee (March 25-26) our church will be providing a limited number of motel rooms for missionaries, evangelists and pastors. We’ll provide your lodging and all of your meals for you! We would love to have you so call the church office today in order to reserve your room. Here’s the great line up of preaching and singing that you can be looking forward to.
Sunday, March 21 – Evangelist Lou Rossi
Monday, March 22 – Dr. Tony Hutson
Tuesday, March 23 – Pastor Kenneth Kuykendall
Wednesday, March 24 – Pastor Leonard Fletcher
Thursday, March 25 – Dr. David McCoy, Peoples Baptist Choir
Friday, March 26 AM – Pastor Virgil Barnard (All other preachers will be called from the floor)
Lunch and Supper will be served
Friday, March 26 PM – Dr. Joe Arthur, Harvest Baptist Tabernacle Choir
Special singing all week will be provided by the Brady Rochester family of Chesnee, South Carolina.
You see, the only thing that’s missing is YOU!! Why not make plans to be with us at the 7th annual Land of Canaan Jubilee?!?!

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