Why I Resigned As The Pastor Of Canaan Baptist Church

Dear Pastor and Friend,

I trust this post finds you well and happy in the service of our wonderful Lord. Thank you for your time and your consideration.

Since 1992 the Lord has blessed me to pastor three Independent Baptist Churches in North Carolina and Georgia. For the last eleven and a half years I have had the privilege of pastoring the Canaan Baptist Church of Covington, Georgia. What the Lord has done during those years has been nothing less than a mighty miracle of God, and I certainly give Him all of the glory. However, over the course of the last several months of praying, fasting, and seeking the Lord’s will, He has made it abundantly clear that my work at Canaan is finished. I trust that you’ll not try to read anything into that statement. The church is doing well. We continue to see people saved nearly every week and the outreach of the church has never been stronger. I’ve never served with finer leadership and am very pleased to say that during my entire ministry here we’ve never had as much as a cross word. The Lord has certainly been good to allow me and my family the privilege of serving Him here by serving these precious people. They have been so very good to us.

Therefore it is a very bitter-sweet time for me and my family. We love CBC very much. In fact we love them so much that we refuse to stand in their way of doing even greater things for God by being here out of His divine will. It is for that reason and that reason alone that as of this past Sunday evening I have officially resigned my position as pastor, established a pulpit committee made up of the deacons of the church and am at this very moment in the process of working a thirty day notice. When my family and I walk away the last Sunday in April, we’ll walk away from our dearest friends, a very gracious salary, benefits, retirement, and most importantly a ministry that for the last eleven and a half years we’ve gladly invested our lives in. There is only one reason that I would lead my family to do this, and that is the divine will of a thrice Holy God.

Since 1999 the Lord has blessed me to serve on the Executive Board of Macedonia World Baptist Missions of Braselton, Georgia. Since September of 2008, I’ve served as the President of the Board. During the course of that time, my burden for World Evangelism has continued to grow to the point that it has become all consuming. This past Friday afternoon, at the request of Dr. Thurman Wade, MWBM General Director for the last forty years, as well as a unanimous vote by the Executive Board, I have consented to become both President and General Director of Macedonia World Baptist Missions. The Lord has burdened my heart to plant churches all over the world by assisting local Bible believing Baptist Churches in getting their missionaries to the field. That is what God has put in my heart. However, let me explain first things first.

No directors at MWBM receive any kind of salary whatsoever. They are all supported as missionaries through local Baptist churches just like yours. Therefore, I’m asking God for a miracle. As of September at our annual conference, Dr. Wade will officially step down as General Director to become our Senior International Consultant. Then, should the Lord stay His coming I will assume the position of General Director. In the meantime I must raise the monthly support that our family needs to do what the Lord has called us to do. That’s where each of you come in. Would you prayerfully consider being a part of this mighty miracle by making the Caudill family a part of your monthly missions outreach? I’ll give you my word that your missions dollars will be wisely and prayerfully invested as we do what the Lord has called upon us to do. In order to be accountable, the home office will be receiving all of our monthly support at PO Box 519, Braselton, Georgia 30517. I’ll also begin booking meetings as of the first of May and would love to spend a week, a service or a Sunday with you introducing our ministry. Please call so that we can rejoice together over how the Lord is going to use both of us in His service. My personal cell number is 678-300-7641.

Until we sell our house and move to the Braselton area, the Lord has led us to join the Peoples Baptist Church of McDonough, Georgia. Peoples will be our “Interim sending church” until we make our final move. If you have any further questions about our ministry please give Pastor David McCoy a call at 770-914-7388.

Finally, let me say thank you again for your time and consideration. I’ll be praying that the Lord burdens your heart as He has mine for the ministry into which He has called my family and me. I look forward to hearing from you and rejoicing with you soon.


Dr. Scott Caudill
Ps. 28:7

Prayer Card

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Anniversary Sunday – Super Sword Sunday

September 26, 2013 1 comment

What a great summer we’ve had here at CBC!  The Lord has certainly met with us during our services in a very special way.  We’ve truly been blessed with an “Awesome August”.  Wow, I’ve never heard such great preaching!  The revival meeting with Dr. John Hamblin was surely just that, a “Revival Meeting”.  Then, in the month of September we enjoyed taking 23 married couples to beautiful Chattanooga, Tennessee for our annual married couples retreat.  We had a wonderful time together and Cassie and I enjoyed spending time with every couple.  We certainly have had a wonderful month of September as well.

Now, we look ahead to two very special days in the month of October.  First of all Anniversary Sunday will get underway October 6 as my family and I will celebrate 11 years of ministry here at CBC.  Also the day will also mark 7 years that Brother Satterfield has been with us as well.  We’re looking forward to a great Anniversary Sunday this year. 

Then Lord willing October 20 will be SUPER SWORD SUNDAY!  And what a joy it will be to have Dr. Shelton Smith with us, the Editor of Sword of the Lord Publications of Murfreesboro, Tn.  Dr. Smith has been used of the Lord in a tremendous way for many years to reach the world with the gospel and to make a great difference for the cause of Christ.  It will be an honor to have him with us.  Please make plans now to hear this choice servant of God preach both services on Super Sword Sunday.  For more information about these great days or the may other ministries of CBC please call our church office at 770-786-8885 or log on to canaanbaptist.org. 

I look forward to meeting you soon here at the Canaan Baptist Church of Covington, Georgia.


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Excited About Awesome August

Awesome August 2013We’re having an AWESOME AUGUST in the Land of Canaan!!  During the month of August our church moves our mid week service to Thursday evenings and we host a very special guest preacher each night.  This year, as you can see by the poster, we’re going to be blessed to hear from some of God’s choice servants.  Please make plans to join us on Thursday evenings for these special services! 

Also, the highlight of Awesome August is always our revival meeting.  Our revival meeting will take place this year August 25-29.  A wonderful week is planned with old fashioned preaching by one of America’s greatest evangelists Dr. John Hamblin from Canton, Michigan.  Let me assure you that if you have never heard Dr. Hamblin preach you ought to make a point to!  And, you can by making your way to Canaan Baptist Church August 25-29.  Lord willing the Canaan Choir will be singing nightly, we’ll have special singing and most importantly a soul stirring message from the Word of God.  A nursery will be provided nightly so therefore make your  plans to be with us each evening. 

For more information about Awesome August or our upcoming revival meeting you can call the church office at 770-786-8885 or log on to www.canaanbaptist.org.  I look forward to seeing you and your family during Awesome August here in the Land of Canaan! 

 Pastor Caudill

Ps. 28:7   

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Very Best Sundays (VBS) In July


Very Best Sundays In July

Praise the Lord for a wonderful month of July!  We do our “VBS” a little different than most churches.  Here in the Land of Canaan “VBS” stands for VERY BEST SUNDAYS.  And whereas every Sunday is a great time for each and everyone that attends Canaan Baptist Church, we go the extra mile during the month of July to make every Sunday a very special time for our children.  Brother Robbie Easterwood does such a wonderful job heading this part of Canaan’s ministry up.  We’ve been blessed to see souls saved and lives forever changed as a result of the power of the gospel!!  THANK YOU Children’s Church workers for a WONDERFUL JULY!!  Only eternity will reveal the real worth of your efforts! 

Pastor Caudill
Ps. 28:7

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Camp Canaan


JUNE 23-28, 2013
The final preparations for Camp Canaan 2013 are well underway! We only have a few days left before our counselors and campers will be gathering in Milner, Georgia for what we believe will be a life changing week for all of us! Applications are continuing to come in, our office staff is hard at work, and most importantly our church is praying that God will move at Camp Canaan this year in a very special way. Please join us in prayer for God to save souls and to challenge these young saints of God to surrender their lives completely and wholly to the Lord! After all, that really is what Camp Canaan is all about.
It’s our joy to welcome Dr. and Mrs. Jeremy Simpson and family as our special guests this year.  Dr. Simpson is the pastor of the Thanks to Calvary Baptist Church of Elkin, NC and a tremendous Bible preacher that has a great desire to see young people’s lives reached with the gospel for God’s honor and glory. He’ll be preaching Monday through Thursday night of our camp this year and his family will be singing each evening. I’m certain that each camper and counselor’s heart will be stirred as God’s Word is preached during the week. The preaching of the Word of God is ALWAYS the highlight of Camp Canaan.
Finally, let me encourage you again to join with me in prayer for the camp. Please help me pray for safety.  Please pray that God would build a hedge of protection around the camp for both physical and spiritual well being.  Please pray for each individual that attends during the week to hear from heaven in a very special way.  And then most importantly, please pray that the Lord would be honored in everything that’s said and done during Camp Canaan 2013.
For more information concerning Camp Canaan 2013 log on the campcanaan.net or call our church office at 7707868885.  I look forward to seeing you and your youth group at Camp Canaan 2013!
Pastor Scott Caudill
Ps. 28:7  
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super sundays webWe’re looking forward to a great month of “April” here in the Land of Canaan!  Every single Sunday we’ve got some great things planned that I’m sure that you and your family will want to be a part of!  Here is a listing of the special Sundays that we have planned.  I’m going to be looking for you and your family for SUPER SUNDAYS IN APRIL!

 Sunday April 7 – “DO THAT AGAIN SUNDAY” – If you’re wondering what “Do That Again Sunday” is….why don’t you come and see?

Sunday April 14 – “9-1-1 SUNDAY” – A day set aside to honor the first responders in our area.

Sunday April 21 – “GRANPARENTS SUNDAY” – A day when we honor our grandparents present during the service.   Pictures will be made of Grandparents and their Grandkids.

Sunday April 28 – “FAMILY AND FRIENDS SUNDAY” – We have a goal to meet on this day and we’ll need your help to make it!  We’ll be looking for you on this years “Family and Friends” Sunday.

Again, I’ll be looking forward to seeing you and your family during Super Sundays in the month of April.  It will be such a blessing to have you!

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2013 mail out  frontEvery other year CBC works for months on an Easter Passion Play that for the last several years has been called, “Alpha and Omega”.  The presentation takes us all the way from the manger, to the cross, and eventually to a tomb on the outskirts of Jerusalem that remains empty to this very day!  This year “Alpha and Omega” will be presented Saturday night March 30 at 7 and Sunday night March 31 at 6.  I assure you that you won’t be disappointed for going the extra mile to be here.  I believe that your heart will be stirred as well as challenged for attending our passion play this year.  For more information you can log on to canaanbaptist.org.

Please help us pray that as the gospel is presented in a very clear and concise way that souls would be saved and that lives would be forever changed as a result of this outreach tool.  I look forward to seeing you this Saturday and Sunday night!

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